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00:00Our Miss BrooksArchie AndrewsDuffy's TavernBickersonsYou Bet Your LifeMel Blanc ShowDuffy's Tavern
00:30Jack BennyAmos & AndyMartin & LewisMilton BerleFather Knows BestAdventures of MaisieMartin & Lewis
01:00Abbott & CostelloPeople Are FunnyHalls of IvyCan You Top ThisBurns & AllenThe Alan Young ShowHalls of Ivy
01:30Martin and LewisThe Alan Young ShowLife with LuigiEddie Cantor ShowBob Hope ShowMail CallLife with Luigi
02:00Life of RileyCharlotte Greenwood ShowMel Blanc ShowThe Great GildersleeveOzzie & HarrietDinah Shaw ShowMel Blanc Show
02:30The Great GildersleeveDinah Shaw ShowFibber McGee & MollyBob Hope ShowYou Bet Your LifeHonest HaroldFibber McGee & Molly
03:00Duffy's TavernHonest HaroldFather Knows BestOzzie & HarrietBarrel of FunMartin and LewisOur Miss Brooks
03:30Martin & LewisHenry Morgan ShowBrightstarBlondieBaby SnooksLife of RileyJack Benny
04:00Halls of IvyJudy CanovaCorlis ArcherDanny Kaye ShowMy Friend IrmaOld Gold Comedy TheaterAbbott & Costello
04:30Life with LuigiAvalon TimeAmos & AndyJack BennyHigginsYou Bet Your LifeMartin and Lewis
05:00Mel Blanc ShowBickersonsStan FrebergSweeney & MarchSmiths of HollywoodEthel and AlbertLife of Riley
05:30Fibber McGee & MollyMilton BerleBob Hope ShowThe Anderson FamilyBob & RayThe Great GildersleeveThe Great Gildersleeve
06:00Father Knows BestCan You Top ThisOzzie & HarrietArchie AndrewsFred Allen HourBob Hope ShowFather Knows Best
06:30My Friend IrmaThe Great GildersleeveYou Bet Your LifeAmos & AndyMy Favorite HusbandAdventures of Maisie
07:00Archie AndrewsDuffy's TavernBickersonsPeople Are FunnyPhil Harris & Alice FayeAvalon TimeBob Hope Show
07:30Amos & AndyYou Bet Your LifeMilton BerleThe Alan Young ShowHalls of IvyMario Lanza ShowOzzie & Harriet
08:00People Are FunnyHalls of IvyCan You Top ThisMail CallOzzie & HarrietJumbo Fire Chief ShowYou Bet Your Life
08:30The Alan Young ShowLife with LuigiEddie Cantor ShowDinah Shaw ShowJack BennySecond Chance QuizBob & Ray
09:00Mail CallMel Blanc ShowThe Great GildersleeveHonest HaroldGood News ShowBurns & AllenFred Allen Hour
09:30Dinah Shaw ShowFibber McGee & MollyBob Hope ShowHenry Morgan ShowAmos & Andy
10:00Honest HaroldFather Knows BestOzzie & HarrietJudy CanovaCharlotte GreenwoodArchie AndrewsEddie Cantor - Time to Smile
10:30Henry Morgan ShowBrightstarBlondieAvalon TimeMy Favorite HusbandEddie Cantor ShowOzzie & Harriet
11:00Judy CanovaCorlis ArcherDanny Kaye ShowBickersonsThe Aldrich FamilyPeople Are FunnyMy Favorite Husband
11:30Avalon TimeEddie Cantor ShowJack BennyMilton BerleMartin and LewisThe Alan Young ShowThe Aldrich Family
12:00BickersonsStan FrebergSweeney & MarchCan You Top ThisOur Miss BrooksMail CallMartin & Lewis
12:30Milton BerleBob Hope ShowThe Anderson FamilyEddie Cantor ShowJack BennyDinah Shaw ShowHalls of Ivy
13:00Can You Top ThisOzzie & HarrietArchie AndrewsThe Great GildersleeveAbbott & CostelloHonest HaroldLife with Luigi
13:30The Great GildersleeveYou Bet Your LifeEddie Cantor ShowBob Hope ShowMartin and LewisHenry Morgan ShowMel Blanc Show
14:00Martin and LewisFred Allen HourGood News ShowOzzie & HarrietLife of RileyJudy CanovaFibber McGee & Molly
14:30Life of RileyAmos & AndyThe Great GildersleeveAvalon TimeFather Knows Best
15:00The Great GildersleeveOzzie & HarrietSecond Chance QuizCharlotte Greenwood ShowDuffy's TavernBickersonsBrightstar
15:30Duffy's TavernMario Lanza ShowFibber McGee & MollyMy Favorite HusbandAmos & AndyMilton BerleCorlis Archer
16:00Martin & LewisBurns & AllenFather Knows BestThe Aldrich FamilyHalls of IvyCan You Top ThisEddie Cantor Show
16:30Halls of IvyMy Favorite HusbandMy Friend IrmaBlondieLife with LuigiEddie Cantor ShowStan Freberg
17:00Life with LuigiThe Aldrich FamilyArchie AndrewsDanny Kaye ShowMel Blanc ShowThe Great GildersleeveBob Hope Show
17:30Mel Blanc ShowAdventures of MaisieOur Miss BrooksBurns & AllenFibber McGee & MollyStan FrebergOzzie & Harriet
18:00Fibber McGee & MollyJack BennyJack BennyArchie AndrewsFather Knows BestJack BennyThe Good News Show
18:30Father Knows BestEddie CantorAbbott & CostelloEddie Cantor ShowThe Great GildersleeveBob Hope Show
19:00Fred Allen HourBickersonsMartin and LewisPeople Are FunnyFred Allen HourOzzie & HarrietYou Bet Your Life
19:30Milton BerleLife of RileyThe Alan Young ShowJack BennyCharlotte Greenwood
20:00You Bet Your LifeCan You Top ThisThe Great GildersleeveMail CallEddie Cantor - Time to SmileMy Favorite HusbandThe Alan Young Show
20:30Eddie CantorEddie Cantor ShowDuffy's TavernDinah Shaw ShowJack BennyDuffy's TavernMail Call
21:00Ozzie & HarrietThe Great GildersleeveMartin & LewisHonest HaroldBurns & AllenMartin & LewisDinah Shaw Show
21:30Jack BennyBob Hope ShowHalls of IvyHenry Morgan ShowThe Aldrich FamilyHalls of IvyHonest Harold
22:00Charlotte GreenwoodOzzie & HarrietLife with LuigiJudy CanovaOur Miss BrooksLife with LuigiHenry Morgan Show
22:30Burns & AllenEddie CantorMel Blanc ShowAvalon TimeArchie AndrewsMel Blanc ShowJudy Canova
23:00Good News ShowJack BennyFibber McGee & MollyBickersonsAmos & AndyFibber McGee & MollyJack Benny
23:30My Favorite HusbandFather Knows BestMilton BerlePeople Are FunnyPeople Are FunnyBickersons