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This schedule was updated on the 23rd July 2017 and is valid until further notice. Each Sunday is now ‘Lucky Bag’ Sunday with random shows being played from the archive, many of them have not been aired before as too few episodes exist to warrant an exclusive time slot.

00:00Dads ArmyBlair Mounties / Ch YukonDr FinlayJack BennyThe Black MuseumYou are ThereRanger Bill
00:30Goon ShowHoratio HornblowerNBC Short StoriesLife of RileyDrama of the CourtsSquad CarsFrontier Town
01:00Hopalong CassidyClitheroe KidVoyage of the Scarlet QueenNow Hear ThisIts Been a Bad WeekHercule PoirotLone Ranger
01:30Cisco KidISIRTAMagic Island / Jungle JimDr KildareHancocks Half HourSuspenseCisco Kid
02:00MFTMSp. Gibson / Moon Over AfricaCBS Mystery TheaterGreat GildersleeveTheater RoyalThe Great GildersleeveGreatest Story Ever Told
02:30ISIHACTarzanMartin & LewisDr KildareMail CallHarry Lime
03:00Fort LaramieSteptoe & SonAdventures of Tin TinScarlet PimpernelCounter SpyDangerousJack Benny
03:30Frontier GentlemanBeyond Our KenHop Harigan / Anne AirwaysCruise Poll Parrot / Jerry CircusMurder at MidnightNero WolfGreat Gildersleeve
04:00Jack BennyThe Lone RangerJust a MinuteAuthors PlayhouseRanger BillEscapeSecrets of Scotland Yard
04:30Life of RileyWild Bill HickockRound the HorneWayside TheaterFrontier GentlemanGr. Valley Line / Terry PiratesCalling All Cars
05:00DragnetHalls of IvyLightning JimI Love AdventureAuthors PlayhouseJust a MinuteBob Hope Show
05:30Broadway is my BeatHonest HaroldFrontier Fighter / Tom MixCapt Midnight /Son & BuddyWayside TheaterRound the HorneOzzie & Harriet
06:00The Great GildersleeveGunsmokeIts Been a Bad WeekNews QuizHut 33CBS Mystery TheaterMysterious Circumstances
06:30Martin & LewisHave Gun Will TravelHancocks Half HourISIHACParsley SidingsThe Key
07:00Sam SpadeEddie CantorRanger BillLuke SlaughterBuster Brown GangAuthors PlayhouseX-Minus 1
07:30Gang BustersAbbott & CostelloFrontier GentlemanSix ShooterPursuitWayside TheaterThe Price of Fear
08:00Theater RoyalThe ShadowOzzie & HarrietMark Steels in TownLone RangerSupermanTheater Royal
08:30Dr KildareMystery is My HobbyJack BennyMuch BindingCisco KidIron Mask / Perry MasonDr Kildare
09:00You are ThereThe SaintGreat GildersleeveTales of the Texas RangersFags & MagsQueens MenBBC Plays
09:30Squad CarsFrank MerriwellMail CallHopalong CassidyDoctor at LargeVic & Sade / Henry Morgan
10:00Authors PlayhouseTheater RoyalThe FalconJack BennyRanger BillBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksRoger of the Gazette
10:30Wayside TheaterNBC Short StoriesHarry LimeLife of RileyFrontier TownBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksSecret Agent K7 / Sat 7
11:00Second ChanceMatinee TheaterRocky FortunePhillip MarloweEscapeBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksBulldog Drummond
11:30Strange WillsDamyon RunionThe AvengerCrime ClassicsGr. Valley Line / Terry PiratesBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksCreaking Door
12:00Its Been a Bad WeekSpace PatrolTheater RoyalThe Great GildersleeveHalls of IvyThe Lone RangerEmbassy Lark
12:30The Price of FearDiary of FateSherlock HolmesMartin & LewisHonest HaroldWild Bill HickockKing Street Junior
13:00The Big BroadcastRafflesCBS Mystery TheaterLet George Do ItCalling All CarsThe Navy LarkFort Laramie
13:30Red DwarfThe WhistlerDrama of the CourtsMen from the MinistryFrontier Gentleman
14:00Dads ArmyBlair Mounties / Ch YukonMysterious CircumstancesTheater RoyalEddie CantorOzzie & HarrietHopalong Cassidy
14:30Goon ShowHoratio HornblowerThe KeyDamon RunyonAbbott & CostelloJack BennyCisco Kid
15:00MFTMSp. Gibson / Moon Over AfricaX-Minus 1The Big BroadcastCounter SpyMovietown TheaterHinge & Brackett
15:30ISIHACTarzanThe Price of FearMurder at MidnightAmos & AndyThe Burkiss Way
16:00CBS Mystery TheaterClitheroe KidVoyage of the Scarlet QueenA Man Called XCBS Mystery TheaterChildrens OTR Hour USAChildrens OTR Hour USA
16:30ISIRTAMagic Island / Jungle JimMr MotoMusic, Jump Jump, Sparky, Sonny & BuddyMusic, Jump Jump, Sparky, Sonny & Buddy
17:00Fort LaramieSteptoe & SonAdventures of Tin TinMysterious TravellerSherlock HolmesDangerousGreatest Story Ever Told
17:30Frontier GentlemanBeyond Our KenHop Harigan / Anne AirwaysSexton BlakeSpy CatcherNero WolfCloak & Dagger
18:00Theater RoyalThe Lone RangerJust a MinuteLux TheaterNews QuizIts Been a Bad WeekThe Great Gildersleeve
18:30Dr KildareWild Bill HickockRound the HorneISIHACThe Museum of CuriosityMartin and Lewis
19:00Authors PlayhouseGunsmokeIdiots WeeklyMark Steels in TownMark SteelBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksWhitehall 1212
19:30Wayside TheaterHave Gun Will TravelThe Big BroadcastMuch BindingMuch BindingBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksNews Quiz
20:00You are ThereHalls of IvyLightning JimNews QuizTheater RoyalBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksMovie Town Radio Theater
20:30Squad CarsHonest HaroldJack BennyISIHACDr KildareBeatles and Beyond with Pete DicksSherlock Holmes
21:00Jack BenneySpace PatrolThe FalconMovie Town Radio TheaterHut 33The Man Called XLux Theater
21:30Life of RileyDiary of FateThe Silent MenSpy CatcherParsley SidingsMr Moto
22:00Second ChanceEddie CantorRanger BillCBS Mystery TheaterCounter SpyLux TheaterJack Benny
22:30Strange WillsAbbott & CostelloFrontier GentlemanMurder at MidnightGreat Gildersleeve
23:00Great GildersleeveRafflesRocky FortuneTales of the Texas RangersFags & MagsGreat GildersleeveCBS Mystery Theater
23:30Martin & LewisRed DwarfThe AvengerHopalong CassidyDoctor at LargeMail Call